New Book - All The Land To Hold Us

All The Land To Hold Us

A strange and powerful landscape summons strange and powerful happenings

Rick Bass brings a lyrical lushness to the harsh backdrop of West Texas in his masterfully crafted fourth novel. All the Land to Hold Us is a sweeping tale of those who live on the desert’s edge, where riches—precious artifacts, oil, water, love—can all be found and lost again in an instant.



Friday, October 2, 2015 - Monday, October 5
Writers' Workshop in Yaak, Montana

Join Rick Bass for a three day nonfiction place-based workshop in Yaak, Montana.

Expect a hands-on critical boot camp with active workshopping and craft-focused discussion.

Rick will also offer an optional, donation based natural history/art-and-landscape hike on Monday October 5th for which all benefit the Yaak Valley Forest Council.

Participation will be limited to 10-12 writers.

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